CLUBS in the Aire-Wharfe League are being given the option to postpone next Saturday’s fixtures.

Games scheduled for last Saturday (April 20) have already been moved wholesale to Saturday, September 21 by the league’s management committee and there was a about a 2:1 ratio from groundspeople to also put back league games on April 27.

Clubs can play next Saturday if they feel that their grounds will be fit, but otherwise they have two options - play these matches on Sunday, August 25 or mutually re-arrange them for earlier in the season.

However, if clubs agree beforehand to play next Saturday and weather means that they can’t then the game will not be re-arranged and they will be awarded three points each.

The statement from league secretary Mark Shaw includes: “The management committee also recognise that clubs may struggle to raise sides on a Bank Holiday weekend, therefore, due to the unprecedented circumstances, (we) will allow clubs to re-arrange these fixtures to any earlier date (i.e. prior to August 25) by mutual consent, except Sunday, August 4, the date of the Waddilove Cup final.”

It added: “Other than for reverting the fixture to Saturday, April 27, any change must be agreed at least seven clear days in advance of the new fixture date (e.g. to play on Sunday, June 16 this must be agreed by Saturday, June 8).

“All rearrangements must be agreed no later than June 30, otherwise the match will take place on August Bank Holiday, Sunday August 25.

“The management committee further agreed that cup fixtures scheduled for Sunday, April 28 should go ahead as scheduled to allow the cups to progress, as published, in the league handbook.

“However, clubs involved can, by mutual consent, switch the venue of these matches if this will assist in getting the game on.

“The management committee would like to thank all the groundpersons and volunteers who are working so hard to get grounds ready despite the terrible weather since the end of the 2023 season, and all club officials and players for bearing with us while making these difficult decisions.”