THERE was an emotional end to the Bradford Sports Awards evening at the Life Centre on Wapping Road.

Ian Rose, chief medic at Beanland Taekwondo, who are based at Keighley Academy but encompass other venues such as Saltaire, Skipton and as far afield as Lancashire and the Isle of Man, won the Special Recognition award in the Outstanding Contribution category, just four months after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Ian, who is quite matter of fact about his illness, came into taekwondo by a happy accident.

Originally from near Southampton, but now living in Liversedge with his wife Jo, who he married in March, he explained: “I have been a paramedic since I was 22 (originally with South East Coast Ambulance NHS Trust) so I will have been one for 40 years next year.

“I moved up here three years ago after I got divorced and found a new partner.

“We were at a British University Taekwon-Do League tournament in Manchester within two months of moving up and Jo’s son, my step-son, was competing and got injured, and the medics . . . we will leave it there.

“I ended up treating two other people as well, and it just went from there.”

Now Rose treats competitors in various branches within the sport, including the England squad.

And the attraction? He said: “Everybody gets on so well with each other and it really is good fun and we travel the world.

“I have been to Argentina, Madrid, Edinburgh, Keighley, and I hope to be off somewhere else soon as well, depending on this (the cancer).”

His friend Gary Ling, who nominated him for the award, said: “Nominating him was a no brainer, what he does out of his own pocket is remarkable, massive respect for him, we all appreciate you mate.”

As for his cancer battle, Rose added: “I was diagnosed in January with cholangiocarcinoma, which is a form of cancer of the bile duct and the doctor gave me six months (to live).

“We then got referred to a consultant in London who reckons that I might get another five years if I am lucky and the operation goes well, so it is a finger’s crossed job at the moment.”