Airedale Thirds 2 City of York Sevenths 0

AFTER beating Airedale earlier in the season, York anticipated another victory but, despite a confident start, they were soon being outplayed by their outstanding hosts.

An early opportunity arose when Alicia Carling received a through-ball into the D. Carling was one on one with the goalkeeper and was about to strike when a York defender made a late and desperate tackle.

This obstructive foul saw Airedale awarded a penalty flick and Sam Fawcett stepped up but was unlucky in lifting it just over the crossbar.

Airedale had an abundance of chances on goal but the York defence seemed unbreakable.

Georgia Ramshaw had a solid performance on the right wing, and delivered a perfectly-timed ball through to Adele Haughey, who slotted in the opener.

In the second half Airedale gained further momentum. Lesley Leach dominated in midfield, firing through balls to the attack and preventing York from being a threat.

Airedale had numerous chances on goal and earned themselves several short corners but, even with powerful strikes from Fern Godfrey, the York defence did not buckle.

Airedale maintained possession with some excellent passing and eventually got the second to seal the victory.

A ball was played through to Carling who found space in the D and netted herself a well-earned goal.