• Death by Fatal Murder -- Cullingworth CADS

    I've watched Inspector Pratt bumble through investigations several times on stage and I haven't always enjoyed the experience. Actors in Peter Gordon's spoof murder mysteries have to walk a tightrope of moods between tongue-in-cheek and deadpan.

  • GAME: Just Dance 4

    My Wii Fit Plus has been gathering dust for some weeks so when Just Dance 4 plopped on to my doormat it was the incentive I needed to get up and get moving. Ubisoft have ironed out most of the niggles of the preceding Just Dance series, and with

  • Gone Up In Smoke – Keighley Playhouse

    Straight from today's headlines comes this story of a teacher who takes deadly measures to protect his cosy life. It's the night of the annual bonfire party at the all-girls public school where married man Rod Lester teaches history. A student's