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One of the remaining snares found near the stink pit on Denton Moor. Picture: CPS
LAND left vacant by the Bridge Street demolition was used during the Second World War for parking military vehicles, as seen here behind the Earl of Harewood, Lord Lieutenant of the County, as he takes the salute at a 1944 parade.
A CORNER of Church Green can be seen here on the right, and High Street dimly in the background, but this whole left-hand vista of Bridge Street premises has disappeared, casualties of drastic changes affecting Keighley between the wars.
THE variegated individual premises of High Street, seen here before 1924 and the demise of Keighley's trams, remain reasonably identifiable to the present day but the end building projecting from Bridge Street was to necessitate future demolition as r
Bradford City Hall
Bastow Wood from the north
The grave of Percy Hargreaves in the First World War graveyard
Ilkley Cricket Club.
Ilkley Cricket Club.