START from the National Park car park in Grassington.

From the square head up the main street to a crossroads by the Town Hall.

Once you get here, turn left on Chapel Street.

Part way on turn right up Bank Lane, which swings left as a walled track.

At a bend take a small gate on the left, over a plank bridge and cross the field to a stile.

Over it turn left down to another stile on the right, with a rough track below.

Here turn right along the field centre to a stile at the end.

Advance to the end and curve left to a stile in the far wall.

Beyond the stile, there is a further stile which admits you on to Lea Green.

Head directly away, ignoring a path going left and also a left fork within a minute.

Rising only gently, continue to ignore other branches (a major fork goes left) as your broad green way enjoys a steady rise to the brow.

A parallel wall is seen to the right, though your path refuses to fully join it yet.

Advancing on, just to the left are traces of a prehistoric field system.

The path finally crosses to a stile in the wall just short of the corner, and heads away to a bridle-gate.

Rising through bracken to a stile, make sure you continue up past further outcrops to a huge limekiln.

The path runs on to two further stiles, where it forks. Bear left to descend into the dry valley of Conistone Dib.

Turn left along the green valley floor, and beyond a kissing-gate you’ll find that you can squeeze through the dramatic gorge of Gurling Trough.

Emerging, rocky shelves bring you out onto a green in Conistone.

Across the green, then turn left on the road to the central junction.

Keep left along the back road, and beyond the chapel take a track left.

Through a gate it rises right alongside a wall, through an intervening gate before rising more to the next gate.

The way now bears more left as the wall goes right.

If you ghrough a gate in a wall corner, you’ll find you can keep to the right-hand path in order to quickly reach an identical corner.

A little further the ravine of Dib Scar is revealed at your feet.

The path swings left along the rim of the dry valley, rising slightly to join a wall.

A little further take a stile in it, across the dip of the ravine and up the slope behind to pass through a wall-gap.

Heading directly away with a wall to your left, a gate is used to cross it.

Back on Lea Green, take the path sharp right with the wall.

Rising towards a minor brow a lesser right fork bears off.

Either option will suffice as this simply runs nearer the wall.

Both descend steadily.

The right fork crosses a small limestone pavement before trending left above a better pavement.

From here it curves around to meet the outward route just above the stile onto Lea Green.