KEIGHLEY Comic Con is returning to the town’s Victoria Hall on March 17.

Stars from Harry Potter films and TV blockbuster series Game of Thrones will be among guests at the event.

Attractions will also include a 30-foot-high Mr Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, a smoke-breathing walking dragon and Batman’s motorbike.

A spokesman said: “Comic conventions bring together a unique blend of superheroes, sci-fi characters, scenes and displays from your favourite ‘geeky’ movies and television series, interactive attractions and costume competitions.”

Appearing this year will be Ross Mullan, who plays a White Walker in Game of Thrones, and Britain’s smallest man Michael Henbury, who played a Goblin banker in the Harry Potter movies and an Ewok in Star Wars.

Other attractions include Virtual Reality and PlayStation 4 console gaming, traders selling hand-made goods, book signings, costumed characters, magic shows, pirates with parrots, and a themed travelling tea party.

The spokesman said: “If you want to come in a costume of your own you can take part in the ‘cosplay’ competition. There are prizes to be won and it’s great fun to spend the day dressed as your favourite character.

Visit or search Facebook for Keighley Comic Con, for further information.