FROM TOWN Hill crossroads on the B6265 at the top of the village below the pub, take the minor road heading north above Hebden Beck to end at Hole Bottom.

As it swings left take a gate ahead alongside cottages, and a track runs out to cross an arched bridge.

Turn upstream on this former miners’ track so you walk through Hebden Gill, and you will find several gates lead to a lead mining site.

The surroundings open out at inflowing Bolton Gill, to which you shall return after a loop onto Grassington Moor.

Here the way forks: cross the main beck and resume along the wallside track, through a corner gate and soon twice fording the beck.

The track ascends out of the gill to meet a rising wall.

Through a gate in the wall the track rises past spoilheaps to the left to a gateway in a wall.

Through this it rises to a junction with a broader track.

Turn right to a gate from where it contours across Grassington Moor.

An embankment at the gill’s upper reach leads to a gate/stile at Cupola Smelt Mill.

As the track rises away, leave it at the first bend on a path rising right to ascend alongside the flue leading to the landmark chimney.

Now turn left across the moor, initially tracing another flue, then on a little further to High Grinding Mill.

Turn left down the firm track back to Cupola Corner, and retrace steps to Bolton Gill.

Cross the beck and go on to a track heading away from you above the sidestream’s right bank: almost immediately a firmer track is met.

Turn right up this until it levels out beneath an arch, then bear right to a gate in a wall.

A path heads away through two more gates, then rises gently to be ushered by a wall to a gate at the end.

This admits onto grassy moor, and a wallside path rises to the end, beneath a reservoir.

Pass through the gate ahead of you onto Mossy Moor, and the wallside path rises to a brow to meet a drive just across to the right.

At the wall corner, cross the cattle-grid on the track towards Scar Top House, but bear right outside its wall to a gateway at the bottom accessing Care Scar.

A path winds steeply down to the left of Care Scar’s boulders, and continues down to a small gate in the wall below.

A ‘trod’, a straight line in the grass, heads off across a field, slants left to drop with the wall to an outer corner, then runs on with it to a stile at the end.

Advance along a field bottom to a corner stile at the end, then a path slants down above the beck to a stile at the far end.

Behind it is a footbridge, but remain on a path to a row of cottages, passing along the front and up over the arched bridge to finish.