DANIEL Binns was born in Cowling in 1896.

A one-time member of Keighley Art Club, he lived in Sutton and died in Keighley in 1964.

He has been listed as a watercolourist and was especially interested in Dales landscapes.

I bought one of Daniel’s ‘oil on board’ paintings in a Keighley charity shop, and Moonrakers, the Cowling local history society, will receive it shortly, owing to the feature on their website.

This feature includes several of Daniel’s over-printed paintings, courtesy of Brent Art Gallery in Keighley Road, Cowling – his son’s gallery.

Daniel has had his exhibition work described as standing out from the others, talented and sparkling. A Facebook entry has been set up in Keighley Art Club’s page with this oil painting appearing, together with two of Daniel’s etchings and his Shepherd and Dog outline drawing that appeared on several war year covers of the Yorkshire Dalesman (now the Dalesman magazine).

We and Moonrakers would be happy for more information or for works that we can get at the possess page add.

A letter in the Dalesman congratulated the editor keeping the magazine going during the Second World War.

Daniel received formal art training, then taught art in Skipton and Settle. He was president of Skipton Art Club and often gave lectures to local art clubs.

In 1925 Daniel received the Silver Medal for Bookbinding in the final City and Guilds examination. Until his retirement in 1960 he spent 17 years as the art master at Skipton County Secondary School.

In his youth, Daniel took private art lessons. Working in a mill, he studied at Glusburn Evening Institute.

Later, to enable him to attend Skipton Art School, his mother took over his mill job for 2 ½ days a week.

Daniel was listed in Who’s Who in Art in 1962. He held a joint exhibition with his artist son, David, at Cartwright Hall in Bradford.

He also exhibited widely in the provinces, Midlands, the North East, Yorkshire, and at the Royal Academy and major London-based “royal” organisations.

Life in Skipton in the 1930s and 1940s was depicted by Daniel in drawings, sketches and paintings. He signed simply as “D Binns”.

During his retirement Daniel still drew and painted. Even when he was in hospital before he died, he drew caricatures of his fellow patients.

His other artistic hobbies included woodcarving, lettering, designing, colour photography and the history of art.

As a member of Cross Hills Naturalist Society, he followed a gardening hobby.

I bought a Yorkshire Dalesman 1943 magazine five years ago in the Lake District. Until now, I did not appreciate that the DB initials on the cover picture were Daniel Binns.

Daniel (Dan) served in the First World War, during which time he lived near Buckden, in Oughtershaw.

Keighley Art Club member Diana Bromyard’s grandfather and Daniel were friends at that time. Daniel gave her father one of his paintings. This is still owned by her cousin.

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