• Band to play festivals in Keighley and Cross Roads

    Organisers of two music festivals are emulating the famous Leeds and Reading festivals by having a band play both events. Halcyon Days will perform at both the Woodfest on a farm above Cross Roads and the Aire Do in Cliffe Castle Park. Organisers hope

  • Man allegedly attacked after confrontation with youths

    A man was allegedly assaulted and robbed of his mobile phone following a confrontation with two youths in Keighley this morning. Police were called to Mornington Street, close to the town centre, at 11.30am. A spokesman for Airedale and North Bradford

  • Car smashes into shop front

    A vehicle said to have been driven by a person wearing a balaclava was rammed into the front of a Keighley town centre shop this morning. A display window of Cash Converters was smashed and wrenched out of its frame in the incident, shortly

  • Mixed reaction to Oxenhope pharmacy scheme

    Plans to open a pharmacy in Oxenhope received a mixed reaction from parish councillors. They were asked to give their response to proposals to change the use of a house to a commercial classification to allow for a pharmacy at 36 Station Road. Council

  • Woman gain certificates on breastfeeding course

    Certificates have been presented to women who successfully completed a course to enable them to help more mothers to breastfeed. The nine women all finished the 12-week Leleche League Peer Counsellor training programme. They will now join a group of

  • DVD: John Carter

    Boring title but this Disney adventure is an enjoyable film, if you like action-packed sci-fi epics like they used to make. Carter is an American Civil War veteran, tired of battle, who finds himself transported to the barren wastelands of Mars. Thrust